Seeing the Invisible ones

Garvan Gallagher

My Way

Fri 2 Sep – Sat 5 Nov 2011 GROUND FLOOR GALLERY // FREE

Invisibility. You can ask any kids: they would love the power. However older people seem to have it and wish they didn’t. Did it ever occur to me that older people would want to be seen or at least been given the choice? Shamelessly it never did, but neither does it occur to the Fashion industry.  Yet there’s no denial of a market. By 2050, a third of the rich nation’s population will be over 60.
Garvan Gallagher’s exhibition at the Draíocht Arts Centre “My Way” explores the interesting theme of how society views the elderly and how the elderly view themselves via different mediums:  personal texts from the participants and a short film documenting their involvement as well as photographic portraits.
What will strike you and it certainly struck me is how Mr Gallagher was able to capture a sense of glamour, confidence and authenticity through his vision of the elderly. More specifically his series of photographic portraits has a wonderful vintage quality.  You feel you are traveling back to the 20s and it makes you wish you were 60 to start shining the way the participants do in his pictures.
This exhibition is the result of a collaborative effort between the artist during his 15-month residency at Draíocht and his participants and the chemistry is certainly showing.
Exhibition “My way” has started since the 2nd of September at the Ground Floor Gallery and will go on until the 5th of November.  So do take a leap back in time and prepare to be blown away by the elderly. They are about to rock your world.

“Seeing the Invisible ones” (Dublin Informer- Page 26- Arts Angle- October 2011)

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