Do Textile…

Textile is not dead. I have seen it at play with my own eyes last Saturday at the Culture box.  Not that it was playing as such in front of me but it was rather becoming alive through his many design makers as the workshop had just ended for the day.  And the good news is that you can make it “speak” too, next week.

I don’t mean “do Textile”  as do “Texting Hostile” I mean do some Real Textile.

PRINT BLOCK, a collective of textile artists and designers working predominantly in the field of screen print, will run its last workshop  on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of next week.

PRINTBLOCK’s purpose is to reflect and initiate textile art and craft practice.

they are  organising Workshops for Children and Adults to create the longest print ever made in Dublin!

Printing techniques such as mono, block and screen printing will be available to try. The theme of the workshops is based on the concept of how we have all come to call Dublin our home at this point in time. The workshops are €5 per person.

Visitors can also print their own fabric tote bags, at a cost of €5 per bag.

This collective print will be exhibited in the Culture Box gallery with a family friendly opening on Saturday 19th November.

Although PRINTBLOCK do not have their own space yet, they are hoping to have it soon at the Black Church Print Studio in Temple Bar.

IN THE MEANTIME, MAKE HISTORY AND HELP CREATE THE LONGEST PRINT EVER MADE IN DUBLIN! And spread the word about Textile by Texting if you like. Although you can textile your texting but that might take you a tiny bit longer.

The Culture Box, 12 East Essex Street, Dublin 2

Will you take part in creating the longest print ever made in Dublin ?  What are your thoughts on screen print textile, is it cool or just old school?

For more information see

Article on Dublin Tuesday the 8th of November:

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