“Shul” or when Artwork remains behind…

I haven’t been on this website in a while and although I have visited intentionally or unintentionally galleries and art places to have something to discuss about, I didn’t think the artwork I’ve seen was worth talking about.

I have seen a lot of “rubbish artwork” in Dublin lately. I’m not afraid to say it.

I even considered whether it deserved me thinking and writing about it.   Mentioning their artwork would be advertising them for what I considered “Bad Art” when I could use my  Time and Energy in promoting “Good Art”.

So I am mentioning it after its closure! ;-/

It was on between the 21th September and the 9th of October 2011.

And you didn’t miss a thing!

Yes I know: Art is subjective but to me, Art should express something and lately (maybe because I’ve only started to really research what’s out there in Dublin) I’ve come to find that a lot of  Irish Art seemingly expresses nothing, or certainly not much.

Exhibition such as “SHUL” on Smithfield Square. The Work by Paul Hickey…I mean…well, it’s simple…I didn’t even see it.

I was walking past the Complex.I looked through the window. I didn’t even know it hosted Art Exhibitions. The place looked so empty I thought it was close.

But there was this young lady sitting alone at her desk and obviously this meant it was open.

I walked in and stared at the open-plan live arts, kept looking at the Artworks, couldn’t understand it, had to walk back to the young lady’s desk to take the information sheet, looked at the plan and names and title of the Artworks. Still couldn’t make any sense of it.

I left.

Yet I kept the details. Then I decided that I should write about it and discovered that I had also taken the News Release.

I read it and STILL couldn’t make much sense of it.

The Release said: “Shul is a Tibetan word meaning a mark that remains behind – a footprint, a scarred hollow in the ground where a house once stood, the channel but still worn through rock where a river runs in flood; the indentation on the gross where an animal slept last night.

Working from this idea, all four artists have explored the concept of “shul” through a series of creative sessions. This in-house exhibition is the result of this work and brings together painting and multi-media installations.

The exhibition encourages the viewer to look for the past within the present where the Complex itself provides a space for the artists to exhibit in a setting which enhances their work both within the physical aspect of the building and its contemporary context.”

Right. Well it’s all good and well but how a grandmother pencilled on gessoed book covers or a meaningless constructed assemblage made of herculite, paper and oil on board is showing how the past lives with the present??

I really want to know.

The first work was done by Jane Locke, the second by Roger O’Neill. I couldn’t see how their work interacted with the “theme” they were given. And it made me wonder one thing.

What if whoever had decided to fund this exhibition had gone for the theme of “crap”? Would the four artists have dutifully tried to explore in that direction?  Judy Foley’s piece was as far as I was concerned:  “Particularly unloved” as she appropriately named her work.

 The piece by Paul Hickey, well as I said to you, I couldn’t find it because …wait for it…it was on the floor, in the far corner of the open plan and it was colour swatches glued together !!! I thought this was left behind by mistake.

I thought this was the joke of a bored builder or of an interior designer who had nothing else to do at the time than play a little with his swatches.

I had even considered that a teacher had assigned her class of four years old a new silly project and left it there for fun.

No, apparently this was the work of a fully qualified Artist who claims to “explore” colour.

Yes, my friends, that is what Contemporary Art is apparently right now in Dublin. A multi-media installation of bullcrap, artwork that “remains behind” of what Art should be and is not: Inspiring, beautiful or challenging for the mind or for Society.

Please step up, Ireland because this is not challenging or even remotely engaging.

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