Part 1/4 – Doodle 4 Google Ireland – Junior/Senior, 1st, 2nd Class sections

Now on the previous post, I mentioned that Dublin girl Layla Karpuz, won Google’s third year Irish ‘Doodle 4 Google’ competition in March.

I remembered noticing the doodle on the 7th of March 2011 and thinking how different and original it was. I didn’t know at the time what this doodle was about.

I liked the lovely hearts, curls, shamrocks, grannies and caterpillars designs.

I was even more surprised when a week later, reading the Community Voice, I discovered  that she was only 6 years old. I thought to myself how amazing to be this young and this talented.

However since then, I found a website which showed the other candidates’ Artworks.

60 Designs were pre-selected and were judged in the following four groups:

  • Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st, 2nd Class
  • 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Class
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Year
  • TYO, 5th, 6th Year, Youthreach.

I found most artwork equally good if not better than Ms Karpuz.

So why Layla Karpuz artwork was selected? Were they impressed by her young age? or by the title or the supporting statement.

Hard to tell.

Nevertheless I shall make the other Artworks’ justice.

The theme was: “what was Happiness for you?” It was very interesting to read where Kids find happiness. But a selection had to be done.

I did try to select the 5 artworks which showed either cleverness, imagination or originality.

So Today, it’s the Junior/Senior section-  It was actually harder than I thought to select the best 5 out of the 15 because each was very specific and clever in its own way.

I must say Lily Wende Doyle  (2nd Class, Scoil Carmel, Dublin) brought specially my attention for  the colours and how she used the shape of the G to make the head of the Hen (clever!) , the 2 O’s around the eye of the horse like some kind of cool birthmarks,  and the “L”. It looks like that rabbit as a cap! She definitely managed to tell me how much she liked playing in the farm.

I found Shona Farragher’s Under water’s theme (2nd Class, St John the Baptist N.S., Mayo ) quite clever too. Indeed you must think outside the box to turn this “G” into an octopus,  the two “O”‘s  into this perfectly cute and round body fish and a dolphin. She thought to turn the “G” into a seahorse, the “L”, well, I am not sure what type of fish is this “L”, a sea weed maybe. But the E I can tell is a very cool crab.For the same reasons I liked Seren O’Toole‘s work very much too, 2nd Class (same school) especially the G! What a flamingo and what a great creativity shown on that letter! The Lady Bird and bee is very nicely done too.  Down the list, the L and E tells me that Nature has inspired her.

Seren’s work is unclustered and makes it visually stronger. The design and impact stays with you for longer.

I was impressed by Csilla Torok, 2nd Class Gaelscoil Ui Choimin, Clare assertive skills to draw those dragons (especially the one in the middle of the picture). Drawing from different angles definitely requires a good understanding of how perspective works. The inflamed “G” is  cleverly thought out. Keep on reading about sea monsters, dragons, monsters, plants and sharks Csilla!

Last but not least, Lubna Azmat’s( 2nd Class, Our Lady’s School, Rathdrum, Wicklow) sky was full of details, with various of blues and clouds and birds and I thought that definitely required good observation skills. Happiness is in colours and in the greenery. If you are asking yourself what The E is? It’s a pot of gold from the artist showing her desire to be wealthy.But you are wealthly Lubna! You’re wealthy in talent.

For more of The Adorable Google Doodles Made By School Children In Ireland,see the bottom page:

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