The Private worlds of Caroline Donohue

Find a place where you can dream.
That’s a statement which anybody can understand and is looking to find.
Well do not look for this place anymore.

It’s right here in Blanchardstown, Dublin 15, at the Draíocht, in the First Floor until the 25th of February 2012.
Artist Caroline Donohue’s work explores notions of spectacle, our need to collect and contain objects of desire, reminiscent of the “philosophy of having”.

She works mainly in the mediums of print, assemblage and photography and the result is effective: The inside of a theatre with blue velvety curtains opening on a full moon, a hundred empty frames hanging on a stripy wall paper, etchings where you find yourself pausing, getting lost and wondering of the need we have to look in and look out.

Those uncanny interiors contain more than a poetic possibility and a promise of escape, you are actually falling into a daydream world while your eyes remain open.

Caroline Donohue graduated with a first class honours Degree in Fine Art Print at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin in 2005. Donohue has exhibited in numerous group shows around Ireland including. ‘Precaution’ at IMMA 2005, On Reflection, Cows Lane, Dublin, 2007, ‘Graduate show’ and ‘Where boarders meet’ at the Graphic Studio Gallery 2009, and more recently has exhibited in Poland and France.

Caroline says: “I find this contradiction of living in a world of decadence and opulence yet at the same time oppressive and contained, fascinating.”
There’s a definite sense of voyeurism in those cosy yet suffocating private worlds of hers but not private enough that you can’t come and see it for yourself.
Caroline Donohue Selected Works to Date. Fri 18 Nov – Sat 25 Feb 2012. Draoitch Theatre- Blanchardstown.


Article written for the Dublin Informer (January 2011 issue) Also posted in the Irish New review.

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