Kathrina Rupit’s Opening night tonight!

They say good news comes in pairs and I can definitely testify to that.

Not only is there a great exhibition coming up from Kathrina Rupit, her first Irish solo as a street artist but this will happen in a new gallery called the Little Green Street Gallery just off Capel Street which I didn’t even know until today.(The gallery first opened in April 2011)

Kathrina Rupit’s urban artwork will hopefully create two emotions in you: she will gain your respect by depicting proudly her Mexican culture with its current issues and admiration by offering to the public a chance to view street art as more than just graffiti.

With a mind for Mexican history like her famous predecessor Diego Rivera, Kathrina has portrayed in in one of her pictures, the “Adhelitas 2”, women who fought in the Mexican Revolution. Ordinary people in extraordinary times, these women – rich and poor, educated and uneducated – would fight for their beliefs on the battlefields in their everyday clothes, armed to the teeth. They have become the heroes of the Revolution, and are traditionally honoured by Mexican artists and literary figures. Kathrina is joining those ranks in her portraits of “Adhelitas 2”, paying homage to the women of her country as many have done before her.

I said good news comes in pairs, let me correct this, good news comes in threes, as some of Kathrina’s pieces will go for €20 only. Done on very special industrial paper, they won’t be your regular exhibition prints but they are hand-painting originals! So good news all around!!

Where: Little Green Street Gallery, 21A Little Britain Street, Dublin 7. Free entry!

When: Saturday 25th February opening night (6-9), until Tuesday 28th February.

Sunday 26th Feb: Opening hours:  2-6 p.m;

Monday 27Feb :  Opening hours: 10-6 p.m;

Tuesday 28 Feb : Opening hours: 10-6 p.m:


Article visible in the Dublin Informer in the February edition.

Women’s fiction and children’ s stories available for 0.99 cts on Smashwords from this author.


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