Inside Out Project in Ireland

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The Inside Out Project is an ongoing global multimedia, participatory art project started by the artist JR in 2011.(See  TED Prize video for more details of the project)

The purpose of the project is to “use art to turn the world inside out“.

Participants and groups all over the world have been offered to take photos of themselves or others and upload them to the Inside Out website.

This local project is called ” Three generations of Punishment “.

This project was born from wanting to make the anonymous faces of Ireland speak for themselves about the current state of “fairness” established by the government in Ireland. It wants to show that real people are affected by the austerity measures. It also wants to raise the questions where these measures might lead Ireland in the future.

If you are interested in having your picture taken for this project, contact us.


The Global Art Project:

What JR has done? 

He has traveled and used his camera pasting his blown-up images on urban surfaces – the sides of buildings, bridges, trains, buses, on rooftops – These posters have confronted and engaged audiences where they least expected it. Images of Parisian thugs were pasted up in bourgeois neighborhoods; photos of Israelis and Palestinians were posted together on both sides of the walls that separate them.

JR’s most recent project, “Women Are Heroes,” have depicted women “dealing with the effects of war, poverty, violence, and oppression” from Rio de Janeiro, Phnom Penh, Delhi and several African cities.

For the Inside Out Project, he wanted to include the public in the artistic process.

The result is that individuals or groups have used large scale portraits to transform messages of identity into powerful urban exhibitions.

JR prints 36“ x 53“ black and white photos in his NYC studio and mails them to back to the participants who then paste them in their communities.

These projects invite people around the world to share photo portraits, along with a statement about what change and vision they represent. Projects to fight against violence, intolerance, injustice or greed or projects about what it means to just “be human” or about getting old have flourished across the globe.

According to the official website on the 31st of May 2012 there were over 75,000 photos printed, around 9000 locations, and over 4000 projects.

To see all the current projects worldwide, you can also go on the official Facebook Page:

“I would like to bring art to improbable places, create projects so huge with the community that they are forced to ask themselves questions.”

JR, Beaux Arts Magazine

Inside Out Project official page:

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