HeArt Shake Dublin! What is it?

First and foremost welcome to HeART SHAKE DUBLIN!


Because Art is about shaking the mind, conceptions of the world and ultimately the heart, I decided to call this website: HeART Shake Dublin!

This website’s intent is to discuss, shout, scream and get passionate about the many forms of Arts in Dublin and around the World.

HeART SHAKE DUBLIN aims to share news and info about:

  • Photography,
  • Arts, Music, Food events,
  • Exhibitions,
  • new and old arts venues,
  • Kids’ Art Events. I believe Kids’ Art should get as promoted and encouraged as Adult’s Art events.
  • Art History
  • Art Competitions

It also aims to bring colour, light and movement to those events through a portfolio of art events pictures.

I hope you will like it.

Yours Speedwingly

Other places where I discuss and write about Art:

1) The Arts Angle in the Dublin Informer


2) Irish News Review


3) Upstart


4) Dublin Studenty.me



Incidentally I have another blog where I ramble about the joy and struggle of getting published here in Ireland or anywhere else. I’m not set on who publishes me as long as I reach an audience. So to all publishers out there, no need to fight over me. I would be all yours.

I am writing Children’ Stories and Women’s Fiction.


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